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Alpha Training

Cyber Security Awareness

Technology alone doesn’t provide your organization with perfect protection from cyber attacks.

The target group for this training are general users, this is our entry course on IT security it gives your users the knowledge they need to keep your organization and all your sensitive data safe.

This training program is using simulations and other practical exercises to teach users how to safeguard against cyber threats like phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering, and more.

Digital Intel Training

Plan and Execute Intelligence Collection

Cyber Criminals use publicly available information that can be gathered about an organization to launch targeted attacks. It is important for an organization to understand what information is being exposed.

The target group for this training are staff and managerial users working in information risk or IT related area's. This training is based on a more personal approach, more interaction, and in smaller groups.

OSINT Intelligence Gathering and Enumeration is a technique identifying IP Addresses, sub-domains, ports, services, technologies used, sensitive leaked information and credentials pertaining to an organization, essentially mapping its attack surface. During this course you learn to collect and harvest information from multiple sources like social media, search engines, OSINT tools, deep and dark web and other relevant sources.

Risk iDentification Training

The Art Of Risk Identification & Assessment

Running a business comes with many types of risks. Some of these potential hazards can destroy a business, while others can cause serious damage that is costly and time-consuming to repair. Risks need to be identified beforehand so we know how to react to them when the time comes.

The target group for this training are colleagues who deal with confidential and customer information. In this training squad members will gain knowledge on Information Security:

  • Value of Information, Concepts, Principles,

  • Threats and Risks, Importance Of Controls, Terminology

  • Risk Assessment Methodologies

The risk identification and assessment process is a critical part of effectively managing risks or events as part of an organization’s operational risk. Each risk is assessed based on its probability & impact, then prioritized in order to direct management focus toward the most important threats.

Xperienced Training

Risk Management & Information Security Controls

With appropriate physical, administrative and technical measures you must protect personal data for which you are responsible and ensure processing in accordance with the principles of GDPR.

The target group for this training are technical staff members, a more detailed approach than our "Alpha" or "Digital Intel" training.

Security controls/measures play a foundational role in shaping the actions cyber security professionals take to protect an organization. There are three main types of IT security controls including technical, physical and administrative. The primary goal for implementing a security control can be deterrent/reductive, preventative, detective, corrective, recovery or act as a compensating / repressive. Controls are also used to protect people as is the case with social engineering awareness training or policies (see our "Alpha" Training).

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